Texting Misses The Mark

Graphic of a swarm of blue darts missing a blue target
by Hillary Bowling on February 9th, 2018

Everyone uses text messaging. Don’t they?

Why use a communication method that reaches most people instead of using the methods that reach all people? Let’s discuss the pitfalls of text-only messaging versus using a multiple method communication plan to reach your residents.

Missed Messages
There are still large populations of people (your customers?  your employees?) who do not text or who prefer email and phone calls to text.

If you’re relying on text-only messaging, you may have unwittingly chosen to exclude some of your contacts from receiving your messages.

Misinterpretations and Misunderstandings
Text messages can lose context and leave your messages subject to the interpretations of your recipients.

If you’re considering a text-only service, consider these questions:

  • If your text isn’t clearly understood, will you receive a massive volume of texts? Of phone calls?
  • If your text is misunderstood, how will you clarify your message for your contacts?
  • If you are trying to build relationships with your message recipients, why miss the opportunity to warmly connect with them by always sending impersonal text messages?

Yes, text messaging is often convenient for senders and recipients, but it’s not a substitute for personal interaction. If you’re relying on text-only messaging, you’re missing opportunities to build and strengthen your relationships. Text should also be limited to sending short easily understood messages. What do you do when the message is more complex and longer?

Multiple Methods
You already know that communication plays an important role in the success of any organization. But your audience is varied, and for effective communications, it’s not a one size fits all. Not everyone texts. Facebook is big, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is on it or that all messaging belongs there. Not everyone picks up their email regularly or has access to email. Telephone calls aren’t always welcome.

But if you send messages with a service that offers multiple methods—voice messages to cell phones and land lines, text messages to cell phones, email and social media sites—you increase the chances that your messages will get picked up.

One Call Now allows you to send a single message that’s delivered across all mediums. Your contacts don’t have to be bombarded with multiple messages. They can choose the method(s) they prefer. If you want to make communications convenient and easy for you and for your recipients, multiple mediums are a sure bet.

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