Is Your Organization Disaster-Ready? One Call Now Can Help

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by Amanda Cupp on February 25th, 2015

What’s headed our way according to The Weather Company forecast of the 2016 Hurricane Season? Approximately 14 named storms, eight hurricanes, and three major (Category 3 or stronger) hurricanes.

What Does This Mean For You?

What do these figures represent to people living in this hurricane-prone region of the country? For starters, we’re facing down the likelihood of the most active hurricane season on record since 2012.

The key to recovery may come down to one thing: the existence of a disaster readiness plan. Here are five ways to ensure that your organization is prepared for the worst.

1. Delegate
Rather than wait for a catastrophe to arise, set up a crisis team in advance delegating critical responsibilities, such as supplies, transportation logistics, and property repairs, to specific individuals. Establish a network so the team can still connect when face-to-face meetings are impossible.

2. Communicate
Phone trees fail. Radio broadcasts are time-consuming. Alert systems, like One Call Now, ensure that all parties have immediate access to critical information. These alert systems aren’t just handy in emergencies, but can also be used to streamline daily communications.

3. Diversify
A multi-channel communications approach incorporating land lines, cell phones, email, websites and social media sites is the best way to ensure that time-sensitive information reaches all relevant parties. In addition to setting up a social media site for your crisis team, you should also have one for your entire constituency. Encourage employees, families and other relevant parties to check in — not just during times of emergency, but every day.

4. Protect
Schools, hospitals, banks, and other organizations are entrusted with sensitive personal data. Unfortunately, paper copies and in-house servers are vulnerable to corruption by natural disaster, fires, and other threats. Cloud-based storage is not only accessible during times of crisis, but is extra-secure thanks to today’s sophisticated encryption methods.

5. Prepare
Planning for a storm is one thing. Planning for a recovery is something different. Without proper advance preparation, ongoing power outages and supply shortages can wreak havoc on recovery efforts. In addition to planning for an emergency, your disaster readiness plan should also incorporate resource conservation for the days afterward. Additionally, insist that all employees keep cell phones charged and readily available so you can stay connected.

While it’s impossible to gauge just how a catastrophic event may affect a region, its schools, businesses, hospitals, communities, and people, amping up your readiness level can lead to optimal outcomes. As America’s largest group notification provider, One Call Now is a vital part of any comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

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