Congregations Spreading the Love

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by Hillary Bowling on February 2nd, 2018

Valentine’s Day is just weeks away.

Now is the time to plan your congregation’s celebration. Consider new ways to spread the love with your members, and the community at large. Valentine’s Day may be thought of as a day of romance, but faith-based communities can spend the day reaching out and engaging with their communities.

Some ideas for your community:

  • A special dinner for widows/widowers
  • A special meal for military spouses who find themselves alone this year
  • Valentines treats for your communities’ emergency first responders made by your Sunday school children
  • Bagged lunches packed and handed out to the local homeless with a Valentine note
  • A special meal for those who are newly divorced and alone this year

Don’t miss this opportunity to begin ongoing engagement with these congregants. Turn this one day into a lifetime of fellowship. Having a follow-up communication plan in place will help build the engagement and relationship.

Use a notification system to invite members, thank members, send notices of future events, and encourage giving.

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