5 Signs You Are Suffering From Snow Fatigue

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by Ann Holtzapple on February 20th, 2015

Have you been feeling a little down and out lately? There’s a chance you are suffering from snow fatigue. After a long, dreary Winter, this condition sets in on millions of Americans who have been living in an endless snowpocalypse. Here are five signs you are suffering from snow fatigue.

1)      You can’t stop thinking about going on a tropical vacation
Thoughts of sunny skies and sand between your toes have taken over. You might even find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Travelocity.com and checking flights to the Caribbean. And in a very extreme case, you’ve even changed your desktop background to a beach scene.

2)      You have seriously considered moving to another state
Just admit it—the thought has crossed your mind. Doesn’t California or Florida sound nice right about now?

3)      You are considering purchasing a remote starter for your vehicle
As if treading through the snow to your car in the morning isn’t bad enough, then you have to scrape off all the snow and ice. You’ve done a fair amount of research, and are justifying the purchase. Go ahead, you deserve it.

4)      Each time it snows, you mumble obscenities under your breath
Family members are starting to worry about you. They aren’t sure if you’re talking to them, or if you’re on a bluetooth headset. Either way, you just can’t control it.

5)      You no longer pay attention to the weather report because more snow is a bleak reality
Until the first report of anything above 60 degrees, you have given up. Why bother? You’re convinced every day will show a snowflake.

If you’ve experienced one or more of these symptoms, you are a fellow sufferer of snow fatigue. Cherish the days that the sun comes out and just remember, spring is right around the corner. Hang in there!

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