Want to Increase Resident Engagement?

by Amanda Cupp on January 19th, 2016


Senior living residents come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but when faced with a new living situation, there is always a common theme—social insecurity. Just like the first day of kindergarten, middle school or that freshmen year of college, new senior residents worry about making friends, who to sit with during mealtime, and just simply, whether or not they’ll fit in.

There’s no argument that participation in community activities offers great physical and emotional benefits and that too much isolation can breed misery, but encouraging a displaced senior to join in the fun isn’t always easy.

Convincing residents to increase their involvement can be accomplished in several ways, but the most successful is also the simplest: keeping in touch with them! Senior residents may forget the time and place of activities, or get the particulars confused. Perhaps they are apprehensive about who else will be joining in the fun—will their friends be in attendance? Event notices may even be missed completely, especially by those new to the community who don’t know quite yet know where to get information.

Keeping residents in the know can be an additional burden on staff, but with a message notification service like One Call Now, information can be dispersed to residents in moments—quickly and efficiently. Notify everyone, or only those involved in a particular activity.

Senior communities across the country use the service to help residents become—and stay—engaged, resulting in healthier, happier, more active residents. Voice, text, and email messaging options allow recipients to choose the best way to be contacted.

Event scheduling is only one benefit of the service. Residents can also be notified of cancellations, or date, time and location changes. There’s no need for a senior living facility resident to ever miss another event or activity with the One Call Now system. Team members and staff also enjoy the benefits—resident notification is accomplished in moments, freeing up precious time for more compelling issues.

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Consistent communication is key to ensuring that residents reap full benefit from their chosen senior living facility. While not every resident will participate in activities, most do enjoy spending time with others, especially once they’re settled in. One Call Now is an excellent way to keep seniors informed and engaged, all while increasing staff productivity. That’s a winning situation!

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