Need An Easy Way to Stay In Touch With Union Members?

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by Keenan Purk on January 8th, 2018

Diverse organizations such as unions often suffer from a lack of communication, making it tough to get the word out about important initiatives for members.

Traditional methods of communication such as letters and manual phone trees may not be effective as people become busier and give up their home phones and move to mobile. Over time, messages tend to become more scattered and less effective — simply because people move or change contact information and may not always provide you with their latest updates. This becomes even more challenging if you need to prompt quick movement on a particular topic, which is why having a written communication strategy and implementation plan is critical to the long-term success of your union.

Changing Comfort Levels with Technology

Even if the most of your base of support is older, digital communications are often a preferred method of staying in touch. The majority of Americans now have a smart phone and stay in close contact with their technology throughout the day. This makes SMS text messaging the ideal way to remind your membership of important dates or events, or simply ask them to make an update to their contact information. The shift towards mobile tech means that having a mobile-friendly signup page for your communication channel is particularly critical.

Stronger Protection

Union workers are often active in local events, and having a consolidated communication strategy allows you to push messages across a variety of channels based on demographics and local targeting. With a platform such as One Call Now, you’re able to create lists of people across a wide database of contacts and send specific messages to only those groups. The easy to use tools allow you to import names in a group, edit contact information manually or sync contact details from an external database. When workers are confident that you’re providing them with the latest information, they will feel protected and secure as they support the union.

Effective Communication

With fewer people reading newspapers and newsletters on a regular basis, membership-based organizations are scrambling to find ways to share important messages with their key constituents. The line continues to blur between forms of communication, with email and text messaging becoming more prevalent by the day. However, there are still people who prefer to receive a phone call with details that can be saved and listened to again in the future. Communicating the same message across these channels can be a challenge, especially if you have a limited staff. A centralized communications platform provides not only easy communication with members, but an efficient workflow for union staff members.

If you need a simple, affordable broadcast messaging solution, look no further than One Call Now. Your team can quickly originate email, text and phone-based messaging from a single dashboard and users will appreciate that messages can arrive in a variety of different ways. Since the platform is all based in the cloud, you won’t have to purchase expensive hardware and you can get started immediately. Give us a call today toll free at 1-877-698-3262 or learn more about Union Member Communications now!


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