Making the Call to Close School… with an App!

Category - Education
by Kim Clifton on January 25th, 2013

Weather is finicky at best in the winter months—this year more than most. Pinpointing whether climate conditions merit a school delay or closing can be a daunting task without a parent notification system.

The ability to assess the situation early in the morning (versus the night before) and choosing to use a notification system to reach thousands of families immediately regarding a delay or closing can simplify the decision tremendously. No longer are school administrators guessing what road conditions will be hours later… they can make the call early in the morning… and send the message via One Call Now’s mobile app.

Mad River Local Schools Superintendent, Necia Nicholas said, “We want to make sure that children are safe getting to school. When it comes to cold weather, make sure that, knowing that they’re standing at bus stops, that we pick them up at a time, that they will be safe and not freezing cold when they’re out there.” Learn more here.

Thousands of schools across the country rely on One Call Now to get the word out in situations just like this one—protecting, informing and engaging their parents, staff and communities with just one call.

Learn more information on One Call Now’s mobile apps at or call 877.698.3262 to speak with a rep.

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