Creative Uses for a Notification Service

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by Lisa Eifert on January 30th, 2017

If your company is like most others, budgets are tighter than ever. Is there a way to get more out of the tools you already have? The answer may be easier than you think.

Mass notification can do much more than just alert large numbers of people in an emergency. If you’re considering acquiring a mass notification system—or you’ve already invested in one and are wondering if you can get more out of what you’ve purchased—read on to see how companies like yours use notification in unexpected ways.

  • A sales manager alerted his team about price and product changes; the message was sent to everyone at once with confirmation of receipt requested.
  • After a teacher called in sick, a school used mass notification to put out the call to all qualified substitutes.
  • One large company used notification to reach everyone on its campus when all staff and visitors had to evacuate because of a gas leak.
  • During business negotiations for an impending merger of two companies, CEOs alerted various groups within both organizations as the merger progressed.
  • When a flood knocked out city phone lines, a utility company sent a notification to all residents via mobile devices, asking if they were safe or needed help.
  • When insurance codes change, smart health care administrators let all providers know at once with an alert.
  • One municipality deputized a team of 450 in one night when a prisoner escaped.
  • One large office divides all workers into notification groups by business and by floor. This way, notifications involving things like parking lot resurfacing or elevator repair can be sent just to those impacted.
  • Rather than calling distributors one by one, a manufacturer sends an alert to all of them at once, inviting them to join a call with just the touch of a button.
  • A healthcare organization uses notification to reach seniors in their homes by sending automated wake-up calls, medication reminders and messages to check on them; if someone doesn’t answer, an alert is sent to a designated caregiver.
  • One HR department uses mass notification to share health information during flu season, summer heat waves, wildfire season, and even when parking is disrupted.
  • A southeast grocery chain sends recall notices to its loyalty card customers via email, phone, and text, ensuring they’re apprised of the risks.
  • For a mid-size church in Texas, mass notification plays a key role in streamlining bereavement coordination. They notify members quickly about arrangements, gather volunteers for luncheons, and send links and instructions for family donations.
  • Non-profit organizations use mass notification for keeping the board and constituents apprised of development fund progress and milestone achievement.
  • A regional staffing agency in Ohio uses automated calls and text messages to recruit temporary workers to fill orders quickly, as well as to relay testing and reporting instructions.
  • One community organization uses notification messaging to take polls of attendance for events, ensuring they are prepared for the correct number of expected guests.
  • A high-rise condominium community in San Francisco is able to let residents know of an upcoming elevator outage so that they can allow for extra time getting out of the building. They always try to include the expected length of the outage, which reduces the number of inquiries into the office.
  • A savvy insurance agent in Pennsylvania send automated renewal calls to her customers so they are watching for the renewal notice in the mail. She also sends a second reminder if the policy goes past the expiration date and hasn’t been paid.

If it wasn’t already clear, it should be now—all you need to do to get more out of your mass notification system is get creative. For more infromation, check out our article, One Call Now, How it Works Guide.

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