Calamity Day Countdown?

Category - Education
by Lisa Eifert on January 27th, 2014

Snow days when I was a kid were as rare as having money in my hand when the ice cream truck jingle jangled by my house. They simply didn’t happen outside of the blizzard that came through in ’78. This year is different.

It has been below zero more often than not this month and school is cancelled more than it is held due to crazy arctic winds and roads that are better for skating than driving. Parents are antsy, kids have cabin fever, and school superintendents are watching their calamity day “wiggle room” disappear. As this happens it becomes increasingly difficult for them to weigh whether this day’s weather is bad enough to warrant an extra day at the end of the school year and all of the associated costs to the district that go with it.

So, when our governor called for the Ohio General Assembly to work with the Ohio Department of Education on granting extra calamity days for this school year, I am certain that many school officials are holding their breath and crossing their fingers. While I hope we get the extra days, I really hope there is no need to use them.

Regardless of the outcome, One Call Now will continue to send millions of calls each morning keeping you informed about school closings and delays. The safety of your kids is our top priority when the weather turns dangerous.

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