6 Ways One Call Now Can Streamline Staffing Communications

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by Amanda Cupp on January 29th, 2015

You exchange a multitude of important information with your staff every day. But how you choose to communicate that information can mean the difference between an efficient, streamlined process and a waste of everyone’s time. Whether you’re sending out calls for open shifts or conducting a simple staff survey, One Call Now can help you maximize productivity while minimizing effort.

1. Divide and Conquer
Whether you have a handful of employees or a staff of hundreds, they all have different needs. Rather than broadcasting an irrelevant message to all of your employees, the use of Subgroups can let you define employees by department, location, staff level, or any other configuration and target a message specifically to them. This conserves time and resources by ensuring that staff receive only information intended for them.

2. Quit While You’re Ahead
The sudden opening of a shift can lead to a flurry of phone calls and confusion — particularly if multiple employees respond to the same call. One Call Now’s Quota Calling only calls until the void is filled: if a recipient responds quickly, this feature automatically stops calling. This feature not only minimizes unnecessary calls, but also prevents employees from being bothered by useless messages.

Sequence Dialing, meanwhile, lets you send messages in a predetermined order designed to reach certain employees first — useful for when you’re informing managers of a critical development or complying with shift-offering protocol.

3. Your Message, Your Schedule
It’s not always practical to send a message at the time that it’s created. Call Scheduling allows you to set time parameters so your message goes out within an ideal window of time. This prevents untimely disturbances while ensuring that employees receive information according to the optimal timeline.

4. Follow Up
Sometimes messages require a follow-up conversation. One Call Now’s Hot Transfer feature allows recipients to utilize a touch-tone response to immediately connect with a live person. This is ideal for situations where additional information or instructions are necessary.

One Call Now’s Polling functionality further streamlines communications by allowing recipients to simply enter a touch-tone response about staff surveys or event attendance which is then delivered to you in real-time.

5. Trim Time
If you frequently send out the same messages — for upcoming staff meetings or weather cancelations, for example — administrators can pre-record messages and store them for sending via the delivery method of your choice at any time via Saved Messages.

Text-to-Speech offers another time-saving solution for busy administrators. Recording a voice call takes time; this feature conveniently converts type to audio and delivers it via voice message.

One more great One Call Now feature? Automatic Translations and Multilingual Messages ensure that all staff members understand your communications by receiving broadcast messages in the language of their choice.

6. Protect Confidentiality
Ultimately, all of these features don’t just help you function better as an administrator, they can also be used to safeguard critical information. These include Pin Delivery, which confirms receipt after requiring recipients to enter a code, and the Text Opt-In tool, which ensures that you have permission to contact your employee via the designated methods.

One Call Now’s scope of services can help you seamlessly incorporate these best practices into your staffing communication plan. For more information on how to put One Call Now to work for your organization, click here.

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