Congregations depend on your important routine and emergency announcements.

One Call Now and Church Now are easy-to-use, affordable communication services tailored to the needs of churches, synagogues, temples, and other faith-based organizations.  Let us help you solve your communication needs.  Call us to speak with one of our specially trained church and non-profit communication specialists today.

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One Call Now helps a faith organization of any size quickly and efficiently send important routine and emergency announcements to everyone in their congregation. With One Call Now, faith leaders can send voice, text, email, push notifications and social media messaging to everyone or to targeted groups (One Call Now sub-groups are perfect for individual ministries).

Think about what this means: When you have to get the word out…One Call Now provides incredible leverage from anywhere to the people relying on you.

One Call Now – Calling and Notification

Send voice, text, email, and social media messaging to everyone or to targeted groups (using convenient sub-groups…perfect for individual ministries within your church). Think about what this means: When you have to get the word out…One Call Now provides incredible leverage from anywhere to the people relying on you.

  • Weather emergency? Make sure everyone knows of cancellations or site changes…and see that they’ve gotten the message with our convenient message reports.
  • Reduce your need to post important messages on bulletin boards.
  • Has the prayer chain become time-consuming? Send regular or special messages to the congregation with one simple call.
  • Stuck in traffic? Use our handy Group Leader app to send a message from your car.
  • Traveling on a mission trip? Send updates from around the world using the web or our 800 number.

One Call Now lets you use the power of your voice to inspire, protect, inform, and engage your congregants…any and all of them…using the technology they prefer.

Need Help Transforming Visitors Into Members?

Growing membership is a top priority for many churches. However, church leaders know all too well that becoming a member doesn’t always mean long-term commitment—or even active involvement in the church community.

The process of getting your church visitors and members from passive-to-active is known as “assimilation.” Assimilation is more than just one strategy. It’s a process that takes time. Pastor Phil shows you how to utilize this process at your church in this handy eBook.

Free eBook, Transforming Visitors Into Members

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Our communication specialists are here to help you identify your communication issues and find solutions. Have questions? No problem. Our representatives are experts in all forms of mass notifications, whether they are of routine or an emergency nature.

Let us help you solve your communication needs and speak with a church and non-profit specialized communication specialist today.

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What is One Call Now’s Church Calling Service

Our Calling Service sends automated mass messages that can improve communication and increase attendance in your church by targeting specific groups—large or small—track detailed information and supply real-time reports. When you need to send the word, we’re the tool to use.

How reliable is your manual phone tree?

Are you relying on the members of your organization to spread important notifications? Click here for options to replace manual phone trees.

More about One Call Now:

One Call Now’s notification systems are easy to set up and manage. Best of all, they’re affordable! You won’t need to purchase extra hardware, software, or phone lines—and you certainly won’t need to hire an IT team.

To set up your contact list, you’ll simply log onto your account on our website and enter names and contact info. If you have a spreadsheet, you can just upload it. And updating your contact list is a breeze! Log onto our website and make the necessary changes. We’ll even work with you to set up automatic updates. In addition, you have the option to allow individuals to update their own contact information using a Family Profile banner that we’ll help install on your organization’s website.

Of course, the benefits of using our automated church systems don’t end here. With One Call Now, there are no long-distance charges, charges for ring time or redials, support costs, or contracts. Plus, you can adjust your plan at anytime. Learn more by contacting us today!

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