Schools are responsible for more than instruction. They also need to protect and engage.

Elementary And Secondary School Notifications

Facts form the foundation of education. And today, there are two hard facts that every school teacher and administrator face:

Notifications For Every Educational Institution

From preschools to universities—from brick-and-mortar facilities to online academies—One Call Now empowers educational institutions to stay connected with students, staff, families, and surrounding communities. Phone calls to parents, emergency texts, and email reminders can commence within seconds. Does your current school notification system make the grade? Don’t take chances. Now’s the time to call One Call Now!

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How can you improve communication?

Supporting Elementary And Secondary Schools

Facts form the foundation of education. And today, there are two hard facts that every school teacher and administrator face:

  1. Communication is essential for safety and academic success.
  2. Schools are often asked to do more with less.

Thankfully, our automated school notification systems make elementary and secondary school communication efficient and affordable. Regardless of your school’s size or location—whether you’re a public or a private institution—One Call Now can integrate seamlessly with your database. This will allow you to instantly alert all necessary parties about school emergencies, delays, and cancellations. But that’s just the beginning! By implementing voice, SMS text, and email messaging, our systems offer countless uses and opportunities:

  • Integrate social media on your school websites.
  • Free up IT staff from small but time-consuming tasks.
  • Save money by reducing paper, printing, and postage costs.
  • Automate attendance calls and sub calls for absent teachers.
  • Deliver unlimited messages anytime from any phone or our website.
  • Track and document phone calls to see who received absentee updates.
  • Schedule automatic meal plan balance messages and tuition reminders.
  • Call parents and send personalized updates about grades and assignments.
  • Organize groups within your contact list for specific team communications.
  • Increase family and community involvement by promoting events and programs.
  • Communicate in different languages. One Call Now translates up to 19 languages for voice messages and over 50 languages for text and email messages. You can even set 30 pre-recorded messages, professionally translated into 11 languages.

Yes, we offer all this—and with a 100% uptime guarantee! Group messaging for schools has never been this easy and reasonably priced. Stay connected and on budget with One Call Now.



Customized Communications For Colleges and Universities

For many students, the transition from secondary to higher education is intimidating. However, your college or university can ease the change using One Call Now’s group messaging for schools. Think of the value of being able to send customized welcome messages to students before they even arrive. Personalized touches like this inspire confidence, help create excitement for the upcoming school year, and let students know that they have selected the right school. Once they arrive, make students feel safe, informed, and included via automated text, voice, or email updates. In addition, our notification systems can deliver FAFSA, financial aid, and scholarship due date reminders. It’s imperative to keep your students on track—and coming back!

Of course, One Call Now’s notification systems can benefit colleges and universities in other ways. Drive enrollment by reaching prospective students around the world through voice, text, email, and social media messages. Cut costs by replacing direct mail efforts with personalized voice messages. Improve event attendance through the use of text reminders. Increase revenue by allowing people to transfer directly to your bursar or ticket offices and make immediate payments or purchases. Your college or university can also enhance fundraiser results with calls from famous alumni, beloved coaches, and popular athletes. The best part? Our systems allow you to track your efforts and document the results.

Tangible Advantages For Virtual Schools

The reasons behind the recent growth of virtual schools and online universities are obvious. Students can learn at individual paces, develop their own schedules, and attend classes from almost any location. Yet these schools often face one main challenge: student retention.

So how do you keep independent learners engaged—and enrolled? Through the use of efficient communication and feedback. One Call Now’s messaging systems allow you to stay connected with students across the globe. While some people think of online education as being exclusively computer-based, we can help your institution utilize voice messaging and text blasts to reach out and share information. Furthermore, our group messaging for schools can build a strong sense of community for students and staff alike. Long distance will no longer be a problem for your online learners.

  • “They really like the system. Principals used to make three to five calls at a time, so they love the fact that I make one call and it’s done – they just love it”

    - Dr. Tom Henderson, Superintendent of Centerville City Schools