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One Call Now For Businesses

From memos to marketing, companies run on mass messaging. Yet everything is mobile, and everyone is on the go. One mistake or delay can create massive problems. Do you have the necessary business mobile alert systems in place?

If not, then now’s the time to call One Call Now!

How can you improve communication?

Effective Employee Communication

A company needs direction. And direction = direct communication. Lead your team through group text, voice messaging, and email blasts. Experience the ease of automatic employee alerts, staffing management plans, and business continuity plans. And no platform is better for sharing emergency and routine communications than One Call Now.



Our business mobile alert systems also allow you to:

  • Organize groups within your contact list for specific team communications.
  • Record and store frequently used messages.
  • Receive instant replies from employees.
  • Communicate in different languages.

Calling Customers

You can’t overemphasize the importance of providing a consistent, positive customer experience. One Call Now has features and capabilities so that you can keep customers happy, connected, and coming back.

One Call Now’s system connects you directly with your customers. Schedule voice messages to keep them informed or text reminders for appointments and payments. Our system allows two-way communication, so your clients can transfer to live service representatives. You can even conduct satisfaction polls! When commerce is easy, customer sales and loyalty increase.

  • “We can reach more customers with fewer people. In reality, sometimes we send out 10,000 calls in one day. There’s no way the people in our department could dial and contact that many people in one day without One Call Now.”

    - Tran Le, Senior Analyst Information Technology and Services, Constellation Energy, an Exelon Company

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