Phone Notification for Coaches - Sports Team Calling Tree

Less Hassle, More Hustle

One Call Now's Phone Notifications for the busy coach automates the sports team calling tree to save time and money.

Keep them Safe

It’s up to you to keep your team safe if severe weather strikes. One Call Now sends automated weather alerts directly to your phone. Advance warnings of approaching storms and lightning are transmitted from more than 8,000 WeatherBug stations across the nation.

Simple and affordable, use One Call Now to send messages to your entire contact list or any group.

  • Use voice, text* or email, depending on your contacts’ preferences or the message content
  • Send unlimited messages anytime from any phone or from our website
  • Free smartphone apps offer the ultimate in convenience—send messages when you’re on the go
  • Use for day-to-day notifications or urgent messaging.

*SMS text is available in all 50 states

One Call Now makes messaging fast and easy, so you have more time to spend with your team.

  • Everyone gets the same accurate message
  • Notify everyone at once with a single call, text or email
  • Quickly get the word out about last-minute cancellations, venue and schedule changes
  • Get critical information to parents; eliminate hassles with multiple parental households
  • Remind players of practice times, locations, uniform requirements, picture day, etc.
  • Reinforce good behavior
  • Communicate your expectations
  • Boost attendance at games and fund raisers
  • Be alerted to approaching lightning, so you can get players off the field fast

It’s Simple to Set Up

It’s easy to set up your contact list. Log onto your account on our website and type in your contacts or if you have a spreadsheet, you can easily upload it.  There is no charge for support and we will help you if you need it.

Messages are sent without using your phone lines or computer system:

  • No contracts
  • No software to purchase
  • No hardware to install 
  • No additional phone lines or equipment required
  • No long distance charges
  • No charges for ring-time or redials
  • No support costs
  •  Adjust your plan anytime

Easy to Manage

Updating your contact list is also easy. Simply log onto our website and make your changes or if you are using one of our mobile phone apps, you can update your list from the app.

A Snap to Use

One Call Now makes it easy to send messages any time from any phone or from our website. You can record or type new messages and send them instantly or record and type messages and store them for future and repeat use.

  • From your phone
  1. Make one toll-free call, record your message and select your recipients. Calls go out at once to everyone you selected.
  • From our website
  1. Log onto our website. From the menu, choose Messaging and then choose Send a Message. Type your message and select your recipients.

You will have the option to:

  • Have your typed message automatically converted to a natural-sounding Text-to-Speech voice message and sent by phone,
  • Send your typed message to your SMS text and email recipients,
  • Or both!
Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.
One Call Now has definitely saved valuable resources for us. It has facilitated an increased level of communication and participation in our organization.
Judy Mosher, Executive Secretary
Will Rogers Range Riders

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