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One Call Now's automated phone calling tree for sports teams rapidly delivers information via voice, text, and email to your whole roster within minutes! Our satisfied sports team customers are brimming with praise for One Call Now. They know firsthand that sending notifications is always simple, fast and reliable with One Call Now. See what organizations have to say about automated message notifications from One Call Now.

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Our soccer club has ten competitive teams and two high school teams that utilize the One Call Now service. We have found it invaluable due to the ever changing weather and the rescheduling of games and practices. As many of our players come from surrounding counties and have to drive upwards to an hour and a half, this service provides an instant access to messages pertaining to practices and games. Thanks!

Mark C.
Three Lions Soccer Club

I discovered One Call Now several years ago when I started coaching a girls summer fast pitch tournament team. During the weekend tournaments the team has their first game scheduled and all games after that point are determined by the previous games status. If the team wins you play again at one time on a certain field and if you lose you play again at a different time and field. Games are continuously happening on eight to ten different fields from Friday evening to Sunday evening. It is almost impossible to keep up with the families of 12 players and keep them informed on game times and fields. With the One Call Now service I was able to program each families home phone number and their cell phone numbers into the database. Using my cell phone I am able to keep each and every family completely informed at all times so that our teams are on the fields and ready to go at the appropriate times. Time between games is used to go over the previous game, come up with new game plans, eat and rest. The One Call Now service makes it possible to use the time to do this and not run around a complex trying to locate and give information to 12 families. One Call Now is a service that has made the coaching jobs much more efficient and enjoyable. Thank you for this remarkable service!!!

Tonya C.
Troy Fast Pitch Association

I have loved my four years as a coach for a girl's soccer team. The only drawback I've had in the last four years is the administrative work. One Call Now proved to be an invaluable time saver. I would recommend it to any coach. Thanks!

Cynthia D.
Twisters United U11 Soccer

I want to thank everyone at One Call Now for making our season a great one. One phone call and every team member gets the information they need to receive. I programmed their home and cell phone numbers, so they would receive the info wherever they were. This is extremely useful when canceling due to weather. Also the personnel at One Call Now are 1st class! They walked me through any difficulties I was encountering. I would highly recommend One Call Now to all coaches. Thanks for your service and support!

Nello P.

The countless hours over a course of a season this will phone messaging service will save you is truly hard to believe. Every coach I shared this with spent the rest of the season saying thank you.

Matthew S.
St. Joseph St. Thomas Soccer U-6 Rockets

I can only begin to tell you how popular this service is with our team parents! We have already had numerous situations where we needed to contact everyone due to weather conditions or changes in the schedule (pretty normal spring issues), but the most impressive came with a field conflict. The Vipers were double booked with another No. KY team and the field director was called for clarification (Derek Brills - former Cincinnati Bengal). Mr. Brills settled the issue to the satisfaction of all parties by allowing our team to relocate to another local baseball field under his direction. I was scrambling for the phone number of our head coach who was out of town for a business meeting. Mr. Helmer, the One Call Now User, redirected our parents to the new location before many of them even arrived to the field of dispute, saving the practice time and a bunch of frustration for new players and their parents. I imagine that you receive messages like this one with great frequency due to the expedience and reliable nature of your service. We thank you Heaven for the personal time taken in the start up process and for your continued support.

Steve H.
Northern KY Vipers

I just want you to know how pleased I am with this service. One Call has saved us hours in manual phone calls and given us the best tool to contact our entire team with one phone call!

Fae O.
DSA White U17

I absolutely love the service. I manage a metro baseball team, and this past year we have used your service to support all communications for practices, games, events, cancellations, etc. Overall, it helped support a 47 game season including regular season and 5 tourneys. I used your phone messaging service to send important reminders and changes and cancellations due to weather emergencies. Excellent stuff!

Doug B.
Troy Trojans Metro Baseball

I am amazed out how effective and easy this was. What a great idea!

Matthew W.
United Soccer Leagues

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    I am amazed out how effective and easy this was. What a great idea!
    Matthew W.
    United Soccer Leagues

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