College Weather Alert Texts and Professional Sports Marketing

Fill the Seats Without Draining the Budget

When you have seats to fill, you need to act fast.  Contacting your fan base is fast and easy with Sporting Event Notifications from One Call Now. Send broadcast or personalized messages spontaneously or through a completely automated process. Notify a few or thousands without tying up your staff, your phone lines or your call center.

One Call Now is a cost-effective solution for high-volume outbound calling. It’s efficient and affordable, regardless of the size of your contact list. There’s no software to purchase, no hardware to install and no additional phone lines are required.

  • Use voice, text* or email, depending on your contacts’ preferences or the message content
  • Send unlimited messages anytime from any phone or from our website
  • Send urgent messages at a moment’s notice; messages go out within minutes
  • Send automated messages that are pre-recorded and/or pre-scheduled


*SMS text is available in all 50 states

Use One Call Now for event marketing, day-to-day notifications and urgent messaging.

  • Sell-out stadiums and arenas with last-minute ticket promotions
  • Keep fans informed and interested in the team
  • Broadcast event promotional offers and details
  • Recipients transfer to a call center or ticket agent using their keypad
  • Quickly get the word out about last-minute cancellations or venue changes
  • Get a response to your messages when recipients use their touch pad
  • Create subgroups within your contact list to target messages to specific groups
  • Boost attendance at games and fund raisers
  • Remind players of practice times, locations, uniform requirements, etc.
  • Use for internal staff notifications, too


With Sporting Event Notifications from One Call Now you can put fans in the seats and dollars in the budget. Sign up for a free trial or to learn more, call and speak with our sports communication specialists at 877-698-3262.

Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.

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    The ability to set up groups to target my messages was important to me and One Call Now was the only provider that included this feature in their price.
    Julie Devine, Community Manager
    The Villages at Belvoir

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