Phone Message System: Charitable Donation Request

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Accolades, kudos, cheers… our satisfied customers are brimming with praise for One Call Now. Learn how One Call Now's Phone Message System helped many churches make their charitable donation requests more successful! They know firsthand that sending notifications is always simple, fast and reliable with One Call Now. 

Client Testimonials:

Your system is wonderful! I love the simplicity of the system and the powerful ability to retrieve message reports. Thanks for the great product at a very reasonable price!

Shawn N., Pastor
Salem Mennonite Church

I want to thank you for this wonderful service. We have been with One Call Now since February with a 1000 call subscription. I recently added another 1000 calls as we were almost out of calls. It is wonderful that everyone get the same message. I have had only positive comments about receiving messages via your service and it has saved countless hours on the phone passing messages along.

Yvonne R.
Faith Wesleyan Church

We are pleased with the One Call Now service. It is the best thing our church has done in the area of congregational communications.

Greg O., Pastor
Grace Baptist Church

The capabilities that One Call Now provides are priceless. It is a very economical and affordable system. One Call Now has become part of our church that we can't do without. It has been a valuable asset to our ministry.

Reverend Dr. Dwight Riddick
Gethsemane Baptist Church

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This is much more reliable - now I'm confident that every family gets the call or receives the message. We usually do the calls during the day specifically so that we get the answering machine. This way we don't inconvenience anyone with the call, but also, this way we know our message is heard -because everyone listens to their messages.

Wendy H.
Tehillah Hebrew School

I had experience with expensive hardware and adding additional lines and was actually looking to buy a hardware device when I found your service on the web. I was impressed that there was no equipment to buy and maintain. One Call Now service far exceeded my expectations.

Harold M.
South Trail Church of Christ

I love this service - it has saved me, literally, hundreds of hours of making calls for our church's prayer chain!

Jeff H.
Valley Park Chapel

Every year our middle school ministry hosts a summer kick-off LUAU at a local swim club. Our church started using One Call Now this year, so we decided to be creative and use the service for our event promotion. Instead of just giving the regular information we recorded the call using a fun surfer voice and lingo and threw a little Surfin music in the background. Our families loved it and the event was a huge success.

Josh D.
Dayspring Baptist Church

Our bus broke down and we were stranded with 38 Youth, in the middle of nowhere, 2 hours from the church. With one call I was able to reach all 38 parents to let them know we would be late getting back to the church. We were even able to give the parents the option of having kids dropped off at the church or directly to their home….. all they had to do was to press 1 for home or 2 for church .

Pastor Janice C.
Ansonia Church of God

We sincerely thank God for One Call Now--Since beginning to use One Call Now, everyone stays informed and complaints are nonexistent.  In addition, my time is used making one call instead of tracking down multiple parties or leaving many messages.  One Call Now  has not only saved me countless hours on the phone for the prayer chain, it has also been useful to cancel events due to weather, and having access to sub-groups makes reminding the Board or the Choir about meetings quick and easy. Thanks, One Call Now!

Rev. William N.
The Old Bridge Baptist Church

With One Call Now we are able to reach all of our Prayers Partners with special prayer needs in a matter of minutes. Reaching the entire congregation is a simple and effective process to remind people of special events. Using One Call Now is easy, effective and economical. It is the best way to keep our members informed with special announcements during the week.

Sam G., Pastor
Gateway Baptist Church

The staff is always helpful and courteous and stand ready to share savings when available; our group did not used all time calls allotted to us therefore a staff member evaluated our usage to a great savings to us.

Penny P.
Bethel AME Church

I know exactly how may calls were made, when they're made, and who received those messages. It's really beneficial and I would recommend it to anyone.

Bob Caldwell
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church

I've called from hospitals, my car, and even from another state to deliver important messages to my congregation. It has taken a lot of stress off of the leadership team. I feel like is has even improved attendance at church events.

David S., Pastor
Flat Rock Pentecostal Holiness Church

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I have used various systems to make announcements for synagogues where I have been the executive director. Basically at my current synagogue we call over 800 names to let them know when a member has died, where and when the funeral will take place. We also call to let them know of upcoming events, elections, meetings. By far, this system is THE BEST, FASTEST, USER FRIENDLY AND DEFINITELY TROUBLE FREE. I have been telling my colleagues about One Call Now and they think it's impossible that so many calls can be made in such an incredibly short amount of time. The call reaches my office after recording the message before I have a chance to hang up the phone...it's that fast! Keep up the good work!

Dorri W.
Congregation Bnai Yeshurun

Since we have been using One Call, it has proven to be a powerful way to inform our members of special events. It is easy to use and allows you to contact your people about needed special prayer or deaths related to the church family. When we first started using it the reaction from some of our folks was, Wow, that is neat!

David B., Pastor
Abundant Faith United Pentecostal Church

This winter's epidemic of lice was managed successfully due to our use of One Call Now's automated call system. As the epidemic spread, we needed to reassure parents, as well as educate them about the problem. Questions needed to be answered. We soon discovered our E-mail messages to the Preschool parents weren't doing it; they weren't able to convey the personal attention that is a hallmark of our Preschool. Worried and sometimes angry parents needed to hear the voice of our highly regarded Preschool Director. They needed to be reassured that she was effectively managing the situation and monitoring progress toward resolution. They needed to hear it directly from her, in her own words; they needed to hear her voice. That was when we hit upon a plan. Our Preschool Director would use One Call Now to record messages describing how we were responding to the epidemic and what experts were consulted. Numerous messages were sent over a period of four weeks, until we were certain that parents were satisfied with our response and the epidemic had passed. Lice, though common, is not a serious health issue (as we made clear in our phone messages). The automated phone messages enabled us to calm parents' fears, lessen their anxiety, and reassure them that the Preschool Director was indeed in control of the situation.

Alice K., Temple Administrator
Barnert Temple Preschool

“Our parishioners like that they hear my voice. They know it’s official and not a prank call. One Call Now was also extremely helpful when we had a few questions during the setup. I would definitely recommend One Call Now to anyone!”

Sister Victoria Vondenberger, RSM, JCL
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Once again what a blessing and help One Call has been to the Indiana District UPC.

Rev. Glenn S., District Secretary
United Pentecostal Church

We use One Call Now to connect with our students who attend our church. We began to realize that they are not reading the mail, but rather checking email…text messaging…and cell phones. Why were we still sending out post cards when the majority of these announcements were not getting read? In a moment of necessity, we tried One Call Now in order to get a quick message out about a location change for an event. The result was our normal attendance doubled. We have used it ever since. Thanks One Call Now for helping us to connect with our students that attend Brentwood Baptist Church.

Amy-Jo G.
Brentwood Baptist Church

Our Ministers enjoy using the One Call Now service and we have had several members tell us how much they enjoy receiving the messages.

Sontina C., Ministry Assistant
Jessamine Christian Church

You guys are GREAT!  I appreciate both your excellent product and your outstanding customer service.

Alan S.
Helen Street Church of Christ

Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.
You guys are GREAT!  I appreciate both your excellent product and your outstanding customer service.
Alan S.
Helen Street Church of Christ

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