Broadcast Phone Calls to your Congregation

Save Time and Frustration with Powerful Integration Tools

One Call Now's Automated Messaging System is easy to implement so you can broadcast phone calls to your whole congregation in minutes. With One Call Now's industry-leading calling tree service for religious and faith-based organizations it's easy to set-up your contact list and keep it up to date.

Our system engineers have created an array of integration tools and options to ensure the information on your contact list is accurately transferred to our system. Whether using our Import Wizard or one of our integration tools that automatically synchronizes with your system, set-up is efficient and completely secure. Our data transfer and storage employ the highest level of data encryption available.

Integration Tools

Import Wizard (ideal for medium to large churches)

Our Import Wizard is the fastest way to get started. The wizard walks you through a simple step-by-step process to upload a spreadsheet of contact information directly to our servers.

Begin sending messages within minutes of signing up. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log onto your One Call Now user account.
  2. Select Import Wizard from the menu.
  3. Select your file and upload.
  • Fast – the quickest way to start sending messages after sign-up
  • Easy – our wizard walks you through, step-by-step
  • Secure – all of our integration options are equipped with the highest level of data security protection available

One Call Now SYNC (designed specifically for large congregations)

SYNC is a software package that was specifically designed for religious and faith-based organizations that maintain large, frequently changing member databases. SYNC allows your system to automatically send file updates to the One Call Now servers to upload new information to your contact list. Updates are processed continuously and automatically.

SYNC is ideal for updating member databases that change frequently. It works in one of two ways:

  • Most information management systems can schedule automated data exports, making file updates a completely automated process.
  • For systems that cannot schedule automated data exports, install SYNC on a local computer. Whenever you complete an update to your contact list in your database, export an excel file, drag the file to the SYNC folder, and drop it in.
Information Management System Integration (IT tool for large and mega congregations)

One Call Now has created an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows your information management system database to communicate directly with ours.  This integration tool offers an unparalleled level of convenience. You can also choose to create, upload, and populate subgroups, or create the subgroups after your information has been loaded.

  • Updates happen automatically – Our servers pull information from your database to update our contact information; you choose the frequency of the updates
  • Completely autonomous integration – operates in the background; set it and forget it
  • It’s the most convenient form of integration we offer
One Call Now Web Services Tool (IT tool for the technically proficient)

If you manage your database with an internal or Internet-based host system, your system can communicate directly with One Call Now to retrieve and update data. The Web Services Tool ensures your data is populated in our system and your notification system is ready to send messages in minutes.

Designed for the technically proficient user, our Web Services Tool enables clients to completely integrate with our system without visiting our website.


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