Prayer Line: Group Messaging System

Keep your Congregation Unified and Informed

A strong sense of community is important to the health of your church. But there’s a lot going on in a big church. Keeping so many different groups feeling unified as one congregational body can be a challenge. Effective communications play a key role in helping you stay tapped-in and helping your congregants feel connected. Church Communication Systems from One Call Now keep you in touch and your congregation engaged and informed.

  • Use voice, SMS text* or email, depending on your members’ preference or the message content.
  • Send unlimited messages anytime from any phone or any Internet-connected computer.
  • Subgroups within your contact list—up to 99—make it easy to target your messages to specific groups.
  • Multiple authorized users help keep small groups informed.
  • Members can add their phone numbers or listen to your messages from a link on your website.
  • Youth LOVE group texting!

One Call Now is efficient and affordable, regardless of the size of your contact list.

  • Ensure that everyone gets the same accurate message—minimize confusion
  • Notify everyone at once
  • Establish prayer chains
  • Notify congregants of guest speakers
  • Promote special sermon series
  • Boost attendance at services
  • Get a quick estimate of attendance for events by asking recipients to respond
  • Stay connected with shut-ins; help them feel involved and remembered
  • Notify everyone quickly and at once of cancellations or schedule changes
  • Increase participation at church events with automated reminders
  • Connect more easily with youth, get a response, keep them engaged
  • Activate your emergency response teams
  • Get real-time messages and updates during mission trips
  • Send a call out for volunteers and stop calling when a predetermined number respond
  • Notify community leaders, organizations and your suppliers
  • Enable group leaders to send messages exclusively to their groups
  • Send messages that are automatically translated for non-English speaking congregants
  • Welcome new congregants with personalized messages
Your staff can be quickly overwhelmed with phone calls and inquiries from congregants who were not accurately informed. Put One Call Now's Church Communication System on the job and streamline your communications to save time, reduce costs and ensure everyone gets the correct information.
Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.
Our Ministers enjoy using the One Call Now service and we have had several members tell us how much they enjoy receiving the messages.
Sontina C., Ministry Assistant
Jessamine Christian Church

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