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Accolades, kudos, cheers… our satisfied customers are brimming with praise for One Call Now's school notification system. They know first hand that sending business notifications is always simple, fast and reliable with One Call Now. See what business leaders have to say about automated business notifications from One Call Now.


Margaretta Schools started out with One Call Now this year. It has been very convenient for the parents. It has really opened up our communication. It's been a great thing for our district.

Margaretta Local Schools

We are able to deploy our human resources in a much more efficient way because of the way that One Call Now enables us to automate tasks and it has realized unimaginable benefit for us.

Kevin Schultz, Asst. Dir. University Marketing and Digital Innovation
University of Dayton

One Call Now system is one of the best things we've ever done for our district. We really appreciate all the help and the service and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Dave G., Superintendent
Franklin Monroe Schools

I began using One Call Now last school year. As you know, communication us so vital and sending messages home with students is ok, but not very effective at times. I used One Call Now and it worked very well. It saved time and I believe attendance of our functions increased because of One Call Now.

Sue P., Community Coordinator
The Idea Factory

This is much more reliable - now I'm confident that every family gets the call or receives the message. We usually do the calls during the day specifically so that we get the answering machine. This way we don't inconvenience anyone with the call, but also, this way we know our message is heard -because everyone listens to their messages.

Wendy H.
Tehillah Hebrew School

We love One Call Now.  We continue to find ways to make life easier and more cost efficient by using One Call Now.

Nora Anne D.
Visitation BVM School

The Parents' Association of St. Patrick Catholic School funded this wonderful One Call Now phone calling system. I presented it to the officers at a meeting and showed how all of the staff and students of the school could be notified for everything from school closing and delays to reminders of field trips. This has been so well received by all of the parents at the school. It allows for immediate contact with each family, whether or not they are at home or carrying their cell phone. One Call Now has allowed individual teachers to call just their class to encourage during testing, reminders of class items, and field trips. Sub-groups allow for this to be used to call specific families about library books or possibly even absences. Teachers can be called at a separate number for just staff information. It seems that the use of the program is limitless for ease and convenience. I would recommend its use to everyone that has a number of people that need to be contacted in a short amount of time.

Bob B., Principal
St. Patrick Catholic School

I want you to know how delighted we are with the One Call Now  service – we have loved it for the last two years but what has been really terrific this year is the ability to send emails and attachments.  Your service has been extraordinary and as a principal, this service had made my life so much easier – especially on snow days when I need only make one call versus 35! Thank you again and I look forward to a long relationship!

Sister Cathe Shoulberg, Principal
St. Helena School

One Call Now has definitely helped us out with getting important messages out to our parents. We really appreciate the service One Call Now provides for us.

Jim S., Director of Business Services
Kent City Schools

The person in my office who handled One Call Now for us left recently and no one was trained to pick up the job. So when I was asked to create and send out a One Call canned message today I was distressed! However, your tech support person came to my rescue. Thank you for walking me through the process step-by-step without a glitch. My message was sent successfully thanks to your help.

Stephanie E., Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing
Wright State University

I made one call from my cell phone on the road Saturday, and 10,000 parents received my call that afternoon. The attendance boost we got from that call really helped us. We will capture almost $1 Million more than last year in state aid monies because of the increase.

Dr. Percy M.
Dayton Public Schools

One Call Now has made life easier for our entire school family. Room parents no longer have to make dozens of calls on snow days, and administrators are happy knowing everyone has the latest news. It's fast, efficient, easy to use, and affordable.

Carolyn H.
Aspen Country Day School

The citizens of Troy showed their overwhelming support for our new Bond issue levy, but we have had levies voted down before. This time, we built support beforehand, and used One Call Now to send a special message, in the voice of our best known Principals to ask people for their vote. By calling not only all our parents, but every voter in the wards that historically support the schools, we won by a decisive margin.

Tom M.
Troy City Schools

Many seniors participate in the co-op program and leave early in the school day to go to work. Daily announcements are great, but everyone will not hear them. One Call Now is a powerful tool that enables me to reach the entire class of 2008.

Jennifer Allen, Senior Class Sponsor
Madison Southern High School

We've been using One Call Now for 4 years. It has been very much a success with parents, teachers, and students, and coaches. It has been a very well received communication platform for our district and our community.

Scott H.
Mad River Local Schools

One Call Now emailed me the Group ID and PIN immediately on Monday, and set up our users in about 2 hours after I emailed the calling list. I tried a test call on Monday night, and 97% of the phone numbers were reached during the two hours that I allotted the system to make calls. Most of those not reached were either not home or had their cell phones turned off. A very successful start, our staff was impressed. Thanks!

Ken G., Deputy Superintendent
Grant County Schools

The One Call system has made a huge difference in the communication between our school district and the parents/staff. From district-wide announcements, such as school closings, to student specific announcements, such as cancellation of basketball practice, the One Call Now system has been wonderful. Our Coaches use the system to notify or remind team members of practice. Schools use the system to notify parents of upcoming activities, reminders and announcements. The district uses the system to send out, very quickly, announcements regarding school closings and other important information that needs to be disseminated quickly. We're sold on this product!!!

Debby B., Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
LaRue County Schools

Recently we used One Call Now after a severe storm came through our county to alert 5,000 residences that their child was ok and safe and that there were limbs and trees down around the community and to allow us to take their kids home on the bus. It became very good community relations and informative tool for parents to let them know their child was safe and we were able to do that because of One Call Now.

Dan R., Superintendent
Miami Trace Schools

We use One Call Now and like the easy access and quick response we get. We like the fact that we can break down our roster into subgroups. We are very happy with One Call Now.

Fred F., Superintendent
Huron City Schools

Your system is so intuitive….    
Wow that's really simple. You just go to it

Jim Johnson, IT Director
Meyersdale Area School District

We've had very positive responses from our families (especially reminders upon returning to school after Christmas holidays; reminders about Annual Appeal, etc.). They were very appreciative about improving the communication between the school and our families.

Dr. John S.
Holy Family Catholic School

In just moments we can reach our total student population!  In addition, the emergency assistance provided to us has aided in our students' safety and the reduced time taken from our office staff.  We use One Call for reminders to parents of meetings, school closing, school events, etc.  However, the most precious use is notifying our parents during the school day of changes in events scheduled for after school.  Our children's safety is of the highest concern and One Call has provided us with a means to ensure safety—quickly!

Gail K.
Nelson County Kentucky Schools

In our school of over 600 students, One Call Now has definitely improved Home/School Communications. Within minutes, we have been able to keep parents up to date with important announcements, schedule changes, and school closings. Parents, especially those who work out of town, love getting the notices by phone so that they can make arrangements for child care when the regular schedule changes. Our school has even had parents call to suggest additional ways to use it. Using the system to report daily attendance has assisted us in decreasing the number of tardies and unexcused absences. Good communication is vital when dealing with large numbers of people in any capacity. One Call Now is one of the easiest ways to provide information in a timely manner. I feel that it is well worth the cost.

Toni Fisher, Technology Resource Manager
Kit Carson Elementary School

We had a parent meeting scheduled late and needed strong participation. I made one call, recorded the message, and bang - every parent got the message. We had a huge turnout despite bad weather. I could have sent flyers, but they rarely get a good response, I doubt most parents ever see them.

Paul K.
Heywood Elementary

My secretary was out sick and I needed to place a One Call Now. Josh walked me through the entire process, even going beyond, and set up the junior high and high subgroups so the call would not have to go to the entire student body. Within minutes I successfully followed the prompts and made the call. As a principal, I give your Customer Service Dept. an A+.

Tim V., Principal
Ruskin Christian School

We've been using One Call Now for 3 or 4 years now and we love it. It is very easy to use and we can reach a very large population in a short amount of time. I would recommend One Call Now to anyone.

Laurie G., Principal
Milton Union Middle School

One Call Now made it very easy for us to reach voters and ask them to support the Dayton Metro Library’s bond issue. It was simple for someone not used to doing this to record, upload the list and schedule the calls. Tech support was very quick to respond to questions and were very customer-service oriented.  We recommend One Call Now for when you need to get the message out. It helped with our bond issue's success.

Barb K.
Citizens for Good Libraries

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