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Keep Customers Satisfied by Automated Client Communications

A study by J.D. Powers and Associates shows a clear link between customer satisfaction and customer-focused communications. One Call Now helps utility providers enhance customer service with timely, personalized communications. One Call Now sends thousands of messages without tying-up your staff, your phone lines or interrupting your operations.

Outages don’t go unnoticed and when service is down, expectations are high. Frequent and informative communications help set and maintain customer expectations. Keep your customers informed with real-time situation updates during an outage and routine reminders. Customer Notifications from One Call Now help you build customer relationships and enrich the customer service experience.

Weather Alert Solutions for Utility Providers

There’s no software to purchase, no hardware to install and no additional phone lines are required. Sending personalized messages to all your customers, or to any size group, is efficient and affordable. Utility providers use Customer Notification Systems to:

  • Quickly communicate with customers during unplanned outages
  • Inform customers of scheduled maintenance or outages
  • Send personalized payment reminders
  • Connect recipients directly with billing to make payments
  • Welcome new customers with personalized messages
  • Survey customers following a customer service or technician interaction
  • Connect recipients directly to customer service to schedule service appointments
  • Confirm appointments

Special features allow you to tailor messages to your specifications:

  • Use the medium your individual customers prefer: voice, SMS text or email
  • Use the language your customers speak—our system instantly translates up to 19 languages for voice messages and up to 52 languages for typed messages
  • Send messages personalized with your customers’ names and account-specific information
  • Set-up subgroups within your call list to target your messages to specific audiences
  • Foster two-way communications – ask recipients to respond using their keypad
  • Give recipients the option to transfer to a live service representative
  • Record and store frequently used messages for even faster implementation
  • Get documentation – detailed reporting that’s available within minutes confirms successful contacts and explains unsuccessful attempts (no answer, line busy, disconnected)

Automated Client Notifications: Simple, Effective, Secure

Set-up is simple, efficient and secure. Your system can easily be set-up to automatically send updates to your list of contacts at One Call Now. Our data transfer and storage employ the highest level of data encryption available.


Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.
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