Employee Communication and Staffing Notification System

Streamlined Communications to Keep You Fully Staffed

Whether one person calls in sick or twenty call in, you have a problem. How many phone calls will you have to make? How many people will be involved? How much time will it take to fill the shifts? Put One Call Now to work for you to quickly and efficiently communicate with your staff. With One Call Now on the job, you can get on with the business of healthcare. 

Thousands of healthcare providers use employee communication systems and Staffing Notifications from One Call Now to tackle the daily challenge of staff scheduling. They are streamlining their operations to save time, reduce costs and ensure staffing meets their quality-of-care standards.

With Staffing Notification Systems from One Call Now you reach your staff using the communication method of their choice: voice, text or email. When you initiate your message, it’s immediately sent to everyone at once across all three communication mediums. Multiple phone numbers and email addresses per contact name dramatically increase your ability to instantly connect with your staff.

Healthcare providers use Staffing Notifications from One Call Now to:

  • Fill open shifts: last minute call-offs, trauma or other specialty requests, new cases
  • Notify staff of schedule changes
  • Schedule meetings and training
  • Deliver daily room and floor assignments
  • Send timesheet reminders
  • Announce events
  • Relay time-sensitive announcements
  • Issue important reminders
  • Broadcast emergency alerts
  • Comply with staffing criteria outlined by the JCAHO National Patient Safety Goals

Special features allow you to tailor messages to your specifications:

  • Set-up subgroups within your call list to send messages to specific individuals or groups, such as departments, floors, specialists, teams, etc.
  • Deliver calls to your staff in a predetermined order—accommodates shift or staff preferences; allows the notification process to comply with your company’s protocol
  • Send messages only until a predetermined number of recipients respond
  • Allow two-way communications – ask recipients to respond using their keypad
  • Give recipients the option to transfer to a live scheduler or staff member
  • Record, type and store frequently used messages for even faster implementation
  • Pre-set a delivery date and time for automatic messages and reminders
  • Get documentation – detailed reporting that’s available within minutes confirms successful contacts and explains unsuccessful attempts (no answer, line busy, disconnected)
  • Use the medium your staff prefers: voice, SMS text or email
  • Use the language your staff speaks—our system instantly translates up to 19 languages for voice messages and up to 52 languages for typed messages
  • Choose the caller ID number you want displayed when you call

The Most Comprehensive Business Employee Communication Solution

A free iPhone app from One Call Now provides the ultimate in convenience and messaging abilities. Get a free trial account, view real-time confirmation reports and send messages in seconds. 

One Call Now makes it fast and easy to send messages anytime from any phone or Internet-connected computer. Set-up is simple, efficient and secure. Your employee notification system can easily be set-up to automatically send updates to your list of contacts at One Call Now. There’s no software to purchase, no hardware to install and no additional phone lines are required. Our data transfer and storage employ the highest level of data encryption available.

Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.
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