Staffing and Patient Notifications

Employee and Patient Notifications Introduction

When something has happened and you must reach your patients, you need to do it fast and efficiently. Making multiple phone calls takes too much time. And you know you can’t rely on all your recipients to instantly pick-up your email message.

With Patient Notifications from One Call Now, you reach everyone simultaneously or in a sequence you define. With just a single phone call or typed message, you can send a voice or text communication across three mediums: phone, SMS text and email. Multiple phone numbers and email addresses per contact name dramatically increase your ability to instantly connect with your staff.

Send messages from any phone or Internet-connected computer:

  • Fill shift voids
  • Relay time-sensitive announcements
  • Issue important reminders to employees
  • Broadcast emergency alerts

Put Staffing and Patient Notifications to work for you:

  • Reduce understaffed shifts – one call reaches employees in seconds
  • Messages are sent to everyone at once or in a predefined order
  • Call everyone or any group(s) – create up to 99 subgroups in your contact list
  • Don’t waste their time - place calls until a predetermined number respond – our system stops calling automatically
  • Get a response – request a touch-tone response to your message; see the results in minutes
  • Speak their language – typed messages are immediately translated and delivered in voice; up to 18 languages
  • Expedite staffing and save extra steps –recipients can transfer to a live scheduler
  • Get documentation – live, detailed reporting confirms successful contacts and explains unsuccessful attempts (no answer, line busy, disconnected)
  • Protect your staff and your company – broadcast emergency alerts
  • Make sure your staff gets the message:
    - Multiple mediums and multiple contact numbers per name
    - Persistent re-dials to busy and no-answer numbers
Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.
One Call Now has been of tremendous value to us. It used to take two guys four hours to slide notices under the doors of just one of our communities. Now...
Wayne Kucharski, Senior Vice President
Brickpoint Properties

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