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Testimonials Introduction

Emergency Automatic Calling can save you time and money and even lives. Read how others use One Call Now's Automatic Dialing Service. They know first hand that sending business notifications is always simple, fast and reliable with One Call Now. See what business leaders have to say about automated business notifications from One Call Now.

Businesses use One Call Now for:

  • Customer notification
  • Appointment reminder calls
  • Staffing Communications
  • Business Continuity Communications
One Call Now has positively impacted our organization, not only from a financial standpoint, but from a convenience standpoint, and from an employee satisfaction standpoint.

Tina Hardwick, Co-Owner
Buckeye Home Health

One Call Now is very convenient, easy to use, and the costs are reasonable. I love the reports that come out afterwards. They’re very clear, concise, and to the point—not a lot of fluff.

Matthew Morrissey
Aflac, Northeast Territory

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One Call Now allows us to give up-to-the-minute reminders of events. I record messages in my own voice and it is easier for them to understand than an automated voice. We get a good response and our residents love it.

Kim Maxwell, Resident Services Director
Bluffs Landing Senior Village

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We set up One Call Now for our company, about 150+ phone numbers and 50+ email addresses on Friday. We tested the system Monday and everything worked great! I called Customer Support twice, on Friday evening and on Monday afternoon. Both of the techs I spoke to were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and kind... We are confident that we will be able to warn our guests and employees in case of a Flash Flood and move them all quickly to a safer area. Your company has a great product and is a great help to us!!!

Carl S., Systems Analyst
The Glen Eyrie Group

One Call Now is much more user friendly than our previous system. Our security dispatchers use One Call Now to send out an alert when someone is needed to fill a shift die to a call-off or unforeseen security needs.

Bob Bowman, Security Director
The Greene Town Center

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One Call Now is easy to set up, gets information to our patrons faster and will save us $100,000 this year!

Barb Kuhns, Asst. Director for IT Services
Dayton Metro Library

We make 20 - 50 calls a day and too much time and effort was taken up manually going through every single person's account in the past. This is just so much easier!

Jason Roper
Rent Time

I’ve used all kinds of media over the past six years and this absolutely works the best. I would say that we see a 30% increase in attendance from using the call [One Call Now’s system].

Rebecca, Operations Manager
Cox’s Northern Tier Harley-Davidson

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One Call Now has been of tremendous value to us. It used to take two guys four hours to slide notices under the doors of just one of our communities. Now the messages are sent in a matter of minutes and we get verification that it was actually delivered.

Wayne Kucharski, Senior Vice President
Brickpoint Properties

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One Call Now's service is effective, timely, affordable, and gives me one less thing to worry about. This tool has not only made my life easier, but has helped me increase tenant satisfaction as well.

Charles Simmons, Manager of Tanger Outlet Shopping Center in Lancaster, PA
Tanger Outlet Center

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This past winter was a rough one here in the Midwest. We were so thankful to have had One Call Now, especially during the blizzard in February. We used the service to communicate with residents before, during, and after the storm, with instructions about everything from snow plowing to changes in the garbage pick-up schedule.

Kara Cermack, President
Rowell Incorporated

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[One Call Now's] one-on-one customer service and follow-up skills are to be highly commended.

Linda B.
Riverwalk Marketplace

One Call Now made it very easy for us to reach voters and ask them to support the Dayton Metro Library’s bond issue. It was simple for someone not used to doing this to record, upload the list and schedule the calls. Tech support was very quick to respond to questions and were very customer-service oriented.  We recommend One Call Now for when you need to get the message out. It helped with our bond issue's success.

Barb K.
Citizens for Good Libraries

After the One Call Now notification, the entire community pulled together to find this little girl, and she was found safely. It was amazing.

Jessica Turn, Community Director
Buckley Family Housing

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I need One Call Now to help me save time and keep residents safe and informed. This system is priceless.

Susan Breckon, Community Director
Nellis Family Housing

The ability to set up groups to target my messages was important to me and One Call Now was the only provider that included this feature in their price.

Julie Devine, Community Manager
The Villages at Belvoir

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Over the past few years, we've saved more than $10,000 in hard costs for not only staff related time, but postage and printing.

Thomas Newton, Executive Vice President
FirstDay Financial Federal Credit Union

One Call Now has solved several problems for us. Now it takes only a minute for a shift notice to go out. It goes to everyone at the same time, so everyone has the same chance of getting the hours. It also ensures that the message is accurate when it is received.

Georgia Mergler, Community Relations Manager
Washington-Centerville Public Library

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One Call Now has been instrumental in running our babysitting referral business. Whether we are sending a message to over 130 independent contractors about the weather, or 40 franchises about a convention, your company has saved us time and money. Thank you!

Christina O., Director of Operations and Development
Seeking Sitters, Inc.

[Subscribing to One Call Now] has been like receiving manna from heaven.

Mark C., Community Manager
Park Bellevue Tower Community Association

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Prior to using a notification service, we had to manually call employees to notify them of changes or emergencies. Now we can ensure they are notified almost immediately with one phone call. The call goes to employees and they can respond using their keypad to acknowledge the receipt of the call. This helps us keep employees safe and informed so we can take the appropriate steps to address the situation.

Tim Sanderson, Manager of Business Continuity Planning
Wright Patt Credit Union

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We wanted to thank you for your efficient sending of our phone calls to our customers.  Our call generated quite a few inquiry calls for our business---Just what we wanted!!! Thanks for your help!!

Denny & Mary Jo M., Owners
Cross America Tours

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