Automated Notification System

Your organization's comprehensive communication solution!

Automated Notification System: Fast, Efficient, Effective

Send hundreds or thousands of voice, text, and email messages simultaneously! Messages are delivered in a matter of minutes so everyone gets the same message at the same time! Receive instant feedback with group polling, two-way texting, and hot transfer capabilities.

One Call Now’s automated notification system allows you to:

  • Issue payment and past due bill reminders
  • Send appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Automatically confirm appointments
  • Schedule seasonal service calls
  • Renew service agreements
  • Inform customers of route or service changes
  • Distribute promotional offers
  • Promote special events
  • Collect customer feedback
  • Build customer loyalty to boost sales through increased communication
  • Comply with quality, safety and operational standards
  • Send emergency announcements
  • Announce training and gather sign-ups
  • Provide high-touch service at a low-touch price

What is automated notifications?

One Call Now’s automated messaging service is the ideal solution when you need to contact people quickly, no matter where they are. Send automated emergency notifications or routine, day-to-day messages via voice, text, or email – from any touchtone phone or web-connected computer. 

How does voice messaging work?

One Call Now sends the message out through thousands of channels and delivers the message to the phone numbers on your calling list. One Call Now takes care of the message distribution; all you have to do is record or type a message and select your recipients. Automated messaging has limitless uses and can make your life infinitely easier. Stop wasting time contacting multiple numbers to convey information, and let One Call Now do the leg work for you. Reach out to your customers, stay fully staffed, and protect your business in a crisis – all with one simple tool
Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.
One Call Now is very convenient, easy to use, and the costs are reasonable. I love the reports that come out afterwards. They’re very clear, concise, and to the point—not a...
Matthew Morrissey
Aflac, Northeast Territory

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