Automated Calling System

Save time and money with automated voice and text solutions!

Practical Solutions That Streamline Communication

You’re in charge of nurse staffing for a large area hospital. Two of your nurses call at the last minute to say they can’t come in to work and you need to fill the slots ASAP. With patient’s lives on the line you must contact a list of 50 nurses to find replacements. 

With One Call Now, you quickly dial 877.698.3262, record a message, and send it to everyone at one time. One Call Now’s two-way communication ensures that calls continue to be made until the appropriate number of people confirm availability. Shifts are filled, time is saved, and you maintain a high staff-to-patient ratio. Don’t have One Call Now? Get it here.

One Call Now’s Automated Calling System provides the solutions you need

  • Streamline communications to save time, reduce costs and keep you up and running
  • Increase contact rates without tying up your staff, your phone lines or disrupting operations
  • Reach everyone quickly and at once with just a single call
  • Get a response when recipients use their keypad
  • Increase attendance and participation with reminder messages
  • Ensure that everyone gets the same message
  • Keep recipients protected, informed, and engaged

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep everyone informed and up-to-date. One Call Now’s automated calling system enhances communication by delivering messages, within minutes, to any group, large or small – without draining your budget. One Call Now is efficient and affordable, with no software to purchase, no hardware to install and no additional phone lines required. Put One Call Now to work for you to help you stay productive, focused, and engaged with your community. Don’t have One Call Now? Get it here.

Send voice, text, and email messages to your group, no matter the size using One Call Now's smartphone applications.
We are a non profit organization that frequently has to send out notices to our 300+ membership. We typically send out calls between October and April. This is during the snowmobile...
Mary Jane Fitzpatrick
WNY Snowmobile Club of Boston

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