About Us

One Call Now – America’s #1 Messaging Service

One Call Now was created with goals of being always ready to become the industry standard in mass messaging services. Since then we’ve thrived because real people, organizations, and their leaders depend on us to simplify communications. We make it easy to reach out – to reach everyone, in any language, in every country.

How can you improve communication?

Our Founding Story & Why We Are Who We Are

A word from our CEO, Leib Lurie:

“Our mission is to use messaging to help others achieve their missions.

With goals and aspirations for our business, our people, our families, our communities, to always – often intensely so – find ways to do more, make more, and importantly, to give back more.

Being always ready and able to absolutely guarantee our 100,000 group leaders that “when messages matter, we deliver” – this is, of course WHAT we do as our core service.

Driving a caring, supportive yet challenging environment and never being satisfied with where we are, and what we did last month is “HOW” we operate.

But the crux of our DNA is WHY.

WHY do we always seek to improve HOW we do business and meet evolving and escalating client needs? WHY we spend time and money (lots of money) on our people, our foundation projects, and donated services and cash to help others?

The power of WHY is what makes us different.

Our company started because of a pair of frustrating events, one from the recipients perspective – when a Scout meeting was cancelled after I had gotten a speeding ticket to get there. Being an Eagle Scout, active Scouter, and father of a scout, I was very frustrated. No one told me the meeting was cancelled.

The second was from the group leader’s perspective: When Barbara Lurie needed to contact 70 kids in her summer theatre program one evening, she vociferously complained that the task of getting ahold of everyone was impossible.

We solved both of these frustrations, and continue to do so for tens of thousands of clients across the continent. Because of organizations – or their leaders who are unable to communicate – will fail. We are here because real organizations and their leaders depend on us to simplify their communications. We make it easy to reach out – to reach everyone, in any language, in every country.”

Our Values

Vision: To be the global messaging leader for mid-sized organizations

Mission: We deliver messages that Protect, Inform, and Engage.

Core Values: Passionate, empowered, Performers, Proactive, Philanthropic

Our People

Our most important resource here at One Call Now is people. It takes a special breed to flourish in our fast-paced and innovative environment – necessary elements in our quest to continually meet our goal of providing the fastest, most reliable notification solutions available.